Prof. Chuen-Tsai Sun    Prof. Hiroaki Ogata    Prof. Kang Chang Jea

Prof. Chuen-Tsai Sun

National Chiao Tung University,Taiwan

Chuen-Tsai Sun is a joint professor of Department of Computer Science and Graduate Institute of Education, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.  He has been working in the fields of digital games, social network-based modeling and simulation, digital learning, and artificial intelligence.  He has published digital-game-related articles on players’ altruistic behavior, negotiation of social norms in game worlds, dynamics of player guilds, and onlooker behaviors in video gaming arcades, among others.



Prof. Hiroaki Ogata

 The University of Tokushima,Japan

Hiroaki Ogata is an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Science and Intelligent Systems, the University of Tokushima in Japan. His research areas include Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning and Mobile Learning, CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work), and CHI (Computer Human Interaction). In those areas, he has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal and 150 international conference papers. He has been the recipient of numerous Best Papers awards, among which are “Best Paper Award of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education in 1998”, WebNet 1999 Top Paper Award, ICALT 2006 Best Paper Award, MULE 2007 Best Paper Award, CollabTech 2008 Best Paper Award, and ICCE 2008 the Best Paper Running-up Award.

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Mr. Hong-Yen Lin (left), Prof. Kang Chang Jea(middle) and Ms. Tze-Han Lu(right)

Fu Jen Catholic University,Taiwan


    Coordinated by Professor Dr. Bernard Chien-chiu Li, President of Fu Jen Catholic University, the MOE’s Project of Distance Schoolwork Guidance for the Primary and Secondary Schools in the Rural Areas is jointly executed with “the Fu Jen Distance Education Corps of Schoolwork Guidance for Rural Area Children” assembled by Ms. Tze-Han Lu, Head of the Religious Guidance Office of the College of Foreign Languages, and Mr. Hong-Yen Lin, Director of the Information Technology Center, as well as more than two hundreds Fu Jen student volunteers. While Lu schemes out the teachings of affection and concerns for rural areas, directing volunteers to instruct rural area students, Lin manages technical issues, such as the Internet, virtual teaching platform and visual aids facilities.


    Many zealous faculty members have participated in the project to provide professional counseling and suggestions.  Prof. Kang Chang Jea is one of our core advisors.  We proudly present you Prof. Kang Chang Jea, who will introduce the model of  “Synchronized Distance Schoolwork Guidance for Rural Area Children.”


    Prof. Kang Chang Jea received her Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Texas at Austin in the United States in 1982.At Fu Jen Catholic University, she has served as the director of the Graduate Institute of Mathematics in 1993-96, the chairman of the Department of Mathematics in 1995-96, the dean of the College of Science and Engineering in 1996-2002, the founder and then the director of the Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering in 2002-08. Besides, she also served in the council board of the Mathematical Society of Taiwan since 1996, in the Committee on Engineering Ethics of the Chinese Institute of Engineers since 1997, and as one of the consulting professors of the Advisory Office of the Ministry of Education.


    She specializes in Numerical Analysis, especially in solving large sparse linear systems constructed from discretization of partial differential equations. She served on the editorial board of the Journal of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications in 1993-2000. Both of her research and teaching involve the use of computers very much. Her Numerical Analysis classes always attract students’ attention. They are interested in learning mathematical theory as well as programming design of numerical methods for solving mathematical problems. Thus, she is committed to “Technology Enhanced Learning” all her life. She enjoyed teaching very much and has received Teaching Excellence Award several times. Moreover, she was the project director of the four-year project “Promoting the Universities’ Education on Mathematical Sciences, 2003-06” sponsored by the Ministry of Education. In this project, she organized twenty eight universities working together to improve teaching contents and promote teaching quality in order to provide interdisciplinary knowledge on mathematics related courses for college students.



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